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While technically not a print, due to the lack of a matrix, or printing plate, monotypes are often produced using an etching press. Using brayers, I apply oil-based etching inks to plexiglass and often use the subtractive method. using tools such as small mat board squares and Q-tips, producing a positive image. The ink left on the plate is then covered with a wet sheet of etching paper, and run through an etching press, transferring the ink to the paper. Most of my prints are black and white, with selected pieces hand colored with watercolor.

Stencils are also used in creating my monotypes. Stenciled pieces tend to start off in a rather rigid and defined mode, but often end up with a totally different look as they are used to produce a series of on-the-spot prints.

Mainly oil-based inks are used for my monotypes, but water-based inks can be used as well. Either burnt plate oil, or Easy Wipe is added to the oil-based etching inks in order to soften the ink, making it easier to work with. Thickener and retarder are added to the water-based monotype inks, which give them a longer working time and to keep them from being too runny.